Wessex Gin Box


70cl 40.3% ABV

Wessex Distillery is a family brand at heart, creating gins they are proud to put their family name on. Traditional, whilst creating modern innovative gin recipes for us all to enjoy. Enjoy a case of 5  x 70 cl bottles. Delivered FREE to your door.

Wessex Distillery is a family owned craft distillery based in Wessex, Surrey. They strive to make the best English gin from premium ingredients straight from the English Countryside. This box contains 5 of their most popular blends:

Alfred The Great. Famously known as the ‘Truth Teller’, the first King of England Alfred the Great is the inspiration behind this London dry gin. Wessex Distillery wanted to create a well-balanced, smooth, traditional craft gin. This no fuss approach highlights the pure quality of this distillation method, and allows the juniper flavour to be the focus. Based in the Wessex countryside, this family-run local distillery strives to create heavenly, premium gin.

Saxon Garden Gin. This floral gin is distilled with a balanced recipe of fragrant botanicals to ensure subtle floral notes compliment our traditional London dry gin. Surprisingly smooth, this method of distillation ensures the purest quality of gin to make the most of every single botanical. Created in their local copper still, this floral gin is made to be enjoyed under the sun in the English countryside. Awards: Silver IWSC 2020

Ginger & Sicilian Gin. To create this gin, Wessex use 100% natural, quality ingredients. While the lemons aren’t locally sourced, coming straight from Sicily, this local distillery does all the work in a craft gin copper still. The perfectly ripened Sicilian lemons are hand-peeled and infused in a vacuum of distilled ginger and core botanicals. They carefully extract the most delicate flavours using higher pressures and lower temperatures. Ensuring they produce the best flavour and quality.

Wyvern’s Spiced Gin is a flavourful, potent gin, made from a calming balance of high-intensity botanicals. At Wessex Distillery, they have a passion for excellence. The quality ingredients and meticulous distillation method creates a surprisingly smooth finish to the gin. While a spiced gin may not be everyone’s cup of tea, this tried and tested recipe is the perfect blend of spice and refreshing citrus.

Rhubarb and Ginger Gin is created with a unique two-step process. They use real rhubarb juice and ginger that is distilled in our vacuum still. This process allows the true flavours to come through creating this world-class gin. From the nose the predominant fresh rhubarb is perfectly matched with the heat of ginger. You will then discover the complementary earthy botanicals, like cinnamon, to create a depth of flavour. Once warmed a refreshing sweet citrus finish will excite and reset your pallet for your next sip.

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