Surrey Gin Box


To save you all the heart ache of deciding which gins to try this week we have put our 3 favourite gins in one of our branded MLFB boxes. Enjoy our 3 bottle Surrey Gin Box. Delivered FREE to your door.
The three gins chosen are:
1. Surrey Copperfield Gin Volume 1 from Surrey Copper Distillery in Dunsfold. Their gin is handcrafted in small batches in a copper pot still using a blend of botanicals inspired by historical recipes discovered in library archives.  Our botanicals include Juniper Berries, Orris Root, Angelica, Liquorice, Coriander, Lemon Peel, Cardamom, Cubeb Berries and Elderflower.  The gin is gently distilled to release spirit vapours which pass through our carefully selected blended botanicals.  This spirit vapour infusion yields fragrant flavours and aromas to create an inimitable and elegant gin.
2. Aromatic Edition  from Distillers of Surrey. Twelve inviting botanicals make their Award Winning Aromatic Edition.  Inspired by the finest UK ingredients , they sourced ingredients from Olive groves in Sussex, Rosemary and Bay Leaf from Surrey, and the UK’s first Tea plantation in Cornwall,  thus defining this as a Quintessentially English London Dry Gin. Perfect serve – plenty of ice, premium tonic and a sprig of Rosemary to garnish.
3. Alfred the Great from Wessex Distillery. The gin was inspired by the ‘Truth Teller’, the first King of England ‘Alfred the Great.’  They wanted to create a well-balanced, smooth, traditional craft spirit, a  true London dry style gin . Their no fuss approach highlights the pure quality of their  distillation method, and allows the juniper flavour to be the focus. Based in the Wessex countryside, near Wormley their family-run local distillery strives to create heavenly, premium gin.

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