Surrey Hills Miniature Gin Box


Enjoy a perfect gift pack of our favourite Copperfield and Sherlock Gins with a selection of Mechant Spirit enhancers.
Each Box contains: 3 x 50ml  Copperfield Gins, 3  x 50ml Sherlock Gins from Distillers of Surrey, each with a tonic pairing from Merchant Heart (the new kid on the block)
Delivered FREE to your door.
Copperfield Volume 1, with its rich juniper notes, pairs beautifully with Merchant’s Heart Tonic especially when garnished with lemon zest and mint. Pair Copperfield Volume 2 with Merchant’s Heart Pink Peppercorn Tonic to compliment those fabulous floral notes and garnish with seasonal berries. And finally try Copperfield Volume 3 with Merchant’s Heart Hibiscus garnished with an orange wheel and a few raspberries, this enhances the winter spices in the gin with a lovely fruity note. This premium gift pack is a wonderful introduction to the Copperfield London Dry Gin range and makes a fantastic present for that special gin lover in your life. Perfect!

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