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  • What do I do with my empty box?

    Our boxes are made from recyclable, reusable material meaning they can be used multiple times before being recycled. We have designed them so that they can be easily folded and stowed away until your next delivery day. Please leave them out for us to collect when we deliver your next box.

  • Are My Local Farm Box plastic free?

    We have always tried to minimize the amount of packaging we use which is why we deliver our products in recyclable and reusable cardboard boxes which we pick up and re-use. We are fully aware of the environmental impact that plastics have and we are always on the lookout for alternatives.


  • Coronavirus

    Coronavirus is not considered a food safety issue by the Food Standards Agency and is unlikely to be spread via food packaging. Our focus is on limiting the risk of spreading the virus through human contact and as such your delivery driver will leave your box in a safe place and will stay the recommended 2 metres away from you at all times. We already maintain very high standards of hygiene but have asked our teams to go above and beyond at this time.

Our Shop

  • Is everything British and local?

    Yes, your local foodie experts source the freshest, most local seasonal produce that they can.

  • Do you sell organic produce?

    We do sell organic products and will state this on the product description. However, at My Local Farm Box, fresh, local and seasonal is our focus. For example, we prefer to eat potatoes grown by local sustainable, ethical growers rather than organic potatoes from abroad.


  • How do I pay?

    Payment will be taken automatically using the payment info you set up online. For your first order, payment is taken immediately. After your first order, we take payment for each order the day before it’s delivered. We’ll send you a receipt by email when any payment is taken.

  • Why do you store my payment information?

    As a customer your orders can be modified at any point until 11:45pm two days before your delivery. To make modifying your order straightforward My Local Farm Box use your tokenized card details to take payment on the day before delivery for only the items that you have ordered. If we didn’t store the information, we would have to ask you for payment or refund you every time your order was updated. We believe that the approach we use gives the best experience for customers.

  • How do I update my payment details?

    Please login to your account and follow the instructions.