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It all started with a chap called Dan and some strawberries and cream. It was midsummer in the Surrey Hills and Dan was eating strawberries and cream, normally one of his favourite puddings however something didn’t taste quite right. He discovered the strawberries (bought from a supermarket) were in fact from Spain and not from one of the numerous strawberry farms within a stone’s throw of where he was eating and My Local Farm Box was born. Many (more delicious) strawberry and cream desserts later we now champion local farmers, growers, bakers, brewers, fishermen and artisans up and down the country to bring you the most delicious, freshest, seasonal and local (to you) produce we can find. You’re welcome.


There are lots of food box delivery companies what makes us different? Everyone involved with My Local Farm Box from the producers to our local experts, from customer service to the website developers all share our ethos for seasonal, local, sustainable, ethical, environmentally friendly produce but it is our local partners (foodie experts) who stand us out from the crowd.
These local food heroes don’t just provide a delivery service they are your local, resident expert. They know the farmers, the growers, the bakers and brewers and love the products that they champion. They live in your area and constantly seek out new and exciting products to bring you a delicious new box each week. Chat to them, get to know them, tell them your likes and dislikes, they’re your key to living life locally.

Are You Ready to live life locally?


We connect local farmers, small holders, growers, bakers, brewers, fisherman and artisans directly to our customers most of whom never knew such delicious, seasonal produce was made so locally. Each small area is operated by an independent local foodie who will source the very best your local producers have to offer and deliver them in a weekly, fortnightly or monthly box at no extra charge.

  • Champions of local food heroes.
  • Fresh, seasonal and local.
  • Supporting local communities.
  • Organic and free range where possible.
  • Sustainable.
  • Ethical.
  • Environmental.

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